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Free Serial Port Terminal 1.0

A tool to provide a visual means to send and receive data through serial ports
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Several years ago, computers' serial ports used to be very helpful for establishing communication between the computer and numerous external devices of various types. Even though those ports have gradually been replaced by the USB technology, serial ports are still available on most modern PCs. Free Serial Port Terminal provides you with a visual means of sending and receiving data through your serial ports.

The program opens a light and easy-to-use interface with all the necessary elements for you to establish and monitor the communication. The program lets you choose what port you want to monitor, allowing you to open and close it manually. It also includes a big box where all the transmit/receive data and all the messages are displayed with the same look and feel of Microsoft Windows HyperTerminal utility. Thus, you can fully control all the information transmitted and received to and from your external serial device. It also offers you controls for refreshing that information and for clearing the box, as well as the option of enabling and/or disabling the auto-scroll function for that box.

The program also offers you a special feature - you can add those commands you usually need to transmit through the port as toolbar buttons. They will allow you to save a lot of time in the future. At the bottom of the interface, there is also a drop-down box where you can type and send commands. It stores the last few you wrote, making them easily accessible. Finally, it also shows virtual LEDs, which will blink as data is being sent or received.

As additional features, the program also allows you to save logs of the port's activity as text files and configure some port settings, such as the bit rate, the number of data bits, the parity, the number of stop bits, and whether to control the data transmission, reception, or both. You can also configure some log parameters - the EOL (End-Of-Line) character sequence, and the maximum number of lines it will save. Finally, you can tell the program to minimize to the Windows' system tray area when required.

The program is nice and well-designed. Of course, it is free. However, it does not come with any help files, neither inside the program nor at the developer's website. It is also very important to note that the installation file is just a downloader - the real installer is automatically downloaded and executed when you run this small file.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Nice interface
  • Allows you to configure usual commands as toolbar buttons


  • Downloads the real installer when you run the setup file
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